Lobster Tail (baked) by Memphis

Mouth watering, juicy lobster tails.

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Lobster Tails
1/2 stick of unsalted butter (real please)
1 garlic clove
Paprika (desired liking)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Dash of Salt
Kitchen Shears


Thawed lobster tails should be able to bend and touch from tail to other end with no problem. If still frozen then thaw in cold water.
Preheat Oven to 375 and line any pan with a small lip with foil.
mix garlic and butter together
Cut tails from middle all the way down to fin where the meat stops at the end of tail. Gently pull back one side at time the shell while pushing your finger underneath between meat and shell to release it.
After removing shell from both sides it should be quite easy to then pull tail up from bottom of shell and piggy back it onto the shell. This is how it will be cooked and served.
Rub Olive Oil all over the meat of the tail, making sure you lift up and get all of it, top, sides and bottom. Get it nice and oiled up and put back on the shell.
I then sprinkle some paprika on it. It's now ready for Oven. Rule of thumb is 1 and 1/2 minutes per ounce of tail. so 6oz would be 9 minutes. 11oz would be 16 1/2 minutes.
When you reach your cooking time you then take tails out, switch oven to Broil, equally distribute the garlic butter on top of the tails and get them soaked on top. Put back in broiler (tails should be at least 6 inches from heat source) for 3 minutes and voila!
I prepare my drawn butter ahead of time for dipping the tails into. That's just 1 stick of butter gently melted, then you simply skim the top of the solids off, pour it into a container and you will see a little water on bottom that you don't pour into container and there you have perfectly drawn butter that can be stored and reheated when needed.

Additional Notes

I like to serve Tails still connected to backs for presentation. You will save a fortune cooking your own and will be quite impressed. Just remember if cooking more than 1 try to get them same size for equal cooking times.