country breakfast pie by Tweets

delicious country breakfast pie

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2 deep dish pie shells
1 roll pork sausage (i use jimmy dean)
1 small onion half
1/4 of a red pepper
8 eggs
1 1/2 cups of milk
1 1/2 bags of sargento asiago swiss cheese


brown the ground sausage (blot out grease with paper towels when cool) and set aside
cut onion half into slices and then tiny bits
do the same with the red pepper
beat the eggs
then add milk
then add onions and peppers to the mixture
then add ur cheese to the sausage u set aside to cool
add the sausage & cheese mixture to your pie shells
then pour milk, egg and cheese mixture you prepared over the meat and cheese

bake at 350 one hour ( check it in 45mins )
once it puffs up a bit and begins to brown slightly its done!!
then eat!!!! enjoy